The Music Theory Building Blocks for Modern Day Producers

Learn how to build killer chords, progressions, melodies, rhythms, basslines & arrangements in ANY genre of electronic dance music, and stand out from the rest!

“How do you actually come up with your own original ideas? Do you have to have some god-given talent?”

“How do chords work? What sounds good with what?”

“The biggest struggle for me is taking a 4-Bar loop and making it into a full arrangement before I get sick of it.”

“I am getting increasingly frustrated by the fact that i can’t seem to come up with any nice, original chord progressions. How can i overcome this?”

These are actual questions I've received from members of the PausePlayRepeat family.


In fact, I get more questions about coming up with melodies and chords than anything else.

Now let me ask you a few questions...


1) What if you never had to play hit & miss in your piano roll editor… ever?

2) What if you could listen to the tracks of all your favorite producers, and quickly and easily have a solid understanding of HOW they composed them, and WHY they made the choices they did?

3) What if you knew how to "spy" on your production heroes to figure out exactly how they wrote their all-time classic anthems?


That would make writing your own tracks a whole lot easier right? (trust me, the answer is YES…)



That's EXACTLY Why we Created "The Music Theory Building Blocks for Modern Day Producers"


Believe it or not, the knowledge in this course is the same that pretty much every world-class producer has used to write the greatest dance tracks ever written…some of them wouldn’t even be aware of that fact that they were doing it!

Once you understand these fundamentals, this knowledge can be used quickly and easily, without having any previous experience of music theory or playing a musical instrument!

I walk you through the 4 key areas of EDM music theory (tailored specifically for dance music production of all genres), and break down the exact process in step-by-step guides, giving you the ultimate track-writing “master plan.”

But this isn’t just watching videos; the course guides you through REAL EXERCISES so you can truly internalize and understand the material, enabling you to get the most of it time and time again in every track you make!


(Don't worry, these techniques are easy to understand and quick to implement, so you can get started putting them into action almost immediately.)

"I just finished my first track and it's all thanks to you!"

"I tried to produce for at least a year without success, but your course has helped me very much! I just wanted to say thank you...I made my first track and it's all thanks to you!"

DANNY ZARFATI - Jerusalem, Israel

"My passion is

"Just wanted to say AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I've been producing on and off for years, and the thought of learning music theory bored me to death. This course quickly taught me some bang-on fundamentals, and my productions make so much more sense now. My passion is re-ignited. Thanks, man!"

TOM WILLIAMS - Southampton, UK


"This course definitely has been a big help"

"The guys over at PausePlayRepeat are great teachers and really go into detail where it's needed but doesn't spend so long in the weeds that it drags on. This course definitely has been a big help to my knowledge of production and how to be a better producer overall."


Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: How long does it take until I get access to the course?


Answer: You will get access to the course immediately. Once you buy the course, you will be sent an email to the address you entered on the checkout page with login details.