• Diplo Style Vocal Chops

    One unique aspects of Diplo’s production is the use of vocal chops, providing a simple yet effective way to create rhythmical sequences.  Achieving Diplo style vocal chops can easily be accomplished by loading a vocal sample into Ableton’s Sampler and activating ‘Slice’ function. Activating the ‘Slice’ function slices up the vocal sample into user defined slices which can be played with a MIDI keyboard, either...
  • Top 6 Vocal Compressor Options

    Here's our list of our favorite compressors to use on vocals: Urei 1176 - This compressor is great for dynamic compression. It features a very fast attack and release while providing a desirable sonic character.  Teletronix LA-2A - This compressor is great for tonal compression. It features a very smooth sound that adds tube character, offering a pleasant sound on vocals. Empircal Labs Distressor - Often referred to...
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