• Parallel Compression 101: How to Give Your Mix Punchier Dynamics

    Parallel compression is a powerful tool for shaping your dynamics. Aggressive compression can give your sounds a sense of weight and power. But that feeling of loudness and pressure can come at a price. Heavy compression settings often result in unnatural dynamics and a lack of punch that’s especially noticeable in a dense mix. Heavy compression settings often result in unnatural dynamics and a...
  • Top 6 Vocal Compressor Options

    Here's our list of our favorite compressors to use on vocals: Urei 1176 - This compressor is great for dynamic compression. It features a very fast attack and release while providing a desirable sonic character.  Teletronix LA-2A - This compressor is great for tonal compression. It features a very smooth sound that adds tube character, offering a pleasant sound on vocals. Empircal Labs Distressor - Often referred to...
  • 4 EQ Tips to Improve Your Mixes

    Overlap is Okay! We've all heard the saying "every sound needs it's own space." While this is totally true, try to not take it so literally. Many times we hear this and think each sound needs to have it's own space in the frequency spectrum and nothing else can overlap it. We think that everything must fit between these rigid guidelines and nothing else, which...
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